Random Dice Wiki

Here you will find how PvP works and how to beat opponents.

PvP is a Player vs Player based match, since they have removed bots from the game in v2.0, you will always be facing real players which you might find hard, but with these tips you should be able to do better than a lot of players on PvP :

  1. You must know that when you kill an enemy in PvP, it will appear on your opponents side, which means early offensive attacks can be good sometimes. This can be done by using Infect or Mighty Wind Dice.
  2. You will get a Random Boss at the start of the match and every time a boss is defeated, getting a Knight means all your dices will be shuffled, so a nice strategy there would be waiting for the boss to change your dices and then you fix the board by merging unnecessary dice.
  3. After every Boss Fight, the amount of SP given by killing an enemy will raise by 10 up to a max of 50.
  4. Infect Dice is the best early-game damage dealer, but starts becoming weaker after the second Boss. It should carry you up to class 10 if used correctly.
  5. Remember to have an Ice Dice on your deck (or Blizzard), unless you're using Assassin offensive decks.
  6. In order to build your own deck you might need to consider to have 1 Ice/Blizzard, 1 or 2 damage dealers and 2-3 support Dice.