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On this page you'll find useful (or not) information about Dice Menu/List.

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There are a lot of things you can see on the Dice Menu, your Deck, Dice you can upgrade, you Critical Damage, Dice you've unlocked, Rank, Trophies amount and everything you need about Dice Statistics.

A really important factor multiplier is the Critical Damage, once you hit an enemy with a critical hit, it will do the base damage multiplied by the Critical Damage %.

To precisely calculate the Final amount of damage you do:

(Base Damage)+[(Base Damage)*(Critical Damage/100)].

Upgrade Cost and Copies needed for upgrade page will be created soon.

You can find the Dice upgrade cost at Dice Upgrade page.

If you instead wanted to see how upgrades (class-up) affects the Dice go over the Dice Class-Up Page.